At Supreme Body Studio we utilize a custom approach. Whether you are struggling to get some weight off or you are looking to maintain what you have accomplished so far. We help you find your groove and support and assist you along the way.with support every step of the way.

Semaglutide is one of the treatments we offer and it utilizes science to effectively burn fat in the body naturally.

No restrictive diet or intense exercise
Our members on average see 21% weight loss
Science backed FDA Approved medication

We also offer completely non invasive treatments that give you the body and contour desired in the amount of time it takes for you to take a lunch.

We offer:

The ultrasound frequency in this device is designed to break down + shrink fat cells w/out harming your skin or other internal organs

  • Melts fat up to ten layers deep
  • Non Invasive Non Surgical
  • Whole Body Vibration
  • Only 10 minutes
  • Burn up to 4000 calories
  • Painless

Clients see immediate results + will continue to see results in the reduction of fat 3-7 days after treatment, with optimum results usually after 5-7 sessions. (sessions may vary)

Included with this treatment is Deluxe Laser Lipo + Whole Body Vibration.

A radio frequency wand that produces heat causing increased collagen production and tightening of elastin. Radio Frequency treatments will help lift, firm + tighten skin. RF stimulates the skin’s own ability to produce collagen and elastin.

Quick + painless
Immediately reveals tighter younger-looking skin

Our wood tools will warm up targeted zones on the body to help break apart stubborn fat + smooth out unwanted bulges. Will also activate the lymphatic system to help jumpstart the metabolism. This non-surgical sculpting treatment is a good service for anyone who otherwise may not be a candidate for other non-surgical sculpting options and it is the perfect accelerator for all sculpting sessions.

It is a 2 hour service that includes up to (not necessary all) 7 treatments to achieve your body goals based on goals of the guest.

Helps shape, lift, raise, reposition + tighten the buttocks w/ an added bonus of reduced cellulite & skin toning. Raises + enlarges buttocks w/out surgery

  • Increases skin flexibility
  • Decreases muscle tension
  • Immediate change in appearance after the first session
  • Permanent results after 6 to 8 sessions

Lymphatic Drainage Massages are a must after Lipo or any Cosmetic surgery. Avoid fibrosis + heal faster

  • Can prevent swelling
  • Shortens post op healing time
  • helps prevent scar tissue

This post op service includes a lymphatic drainage massage with a combination of services and techniques to get the client the best result.

Supreme Luxury Day Spa

Choose 3 to create your luxury spa day experience:

Refresh Facial
Far Infrared LED Sauna
Pampered V-Steam
Peppermint Detox Body Wrap
Express Teeth Whitening
Lymphatic Massage
Deluxe Laser Lipo
Lipo Cavitation
IV Hydration

Am I a Good Candidate?

Your journey to a healthier version of yourself begins with a comprehensive discovery experience with a Supreme Body Studio expert. We’ll take initial body measurements, go over your current nutrition behaviors, possibly conduct lab work if necessary, and create your customized treatment plan. We help you develop a plan to win and accomplish your weight loss or maintenance goals easily and effortlessly with our help.